Аудиокнига The Snow Globe Hannah Cather

The Snow Globe - Hannah Cather
Автор: Cather Hannah
Издательство: Igloo Books, 2018 г.
Чтец: Калупаев Фома Власиевич
Главный художник: Куманов Захар Валерианович
Размер архива: 344 MB
Продолжительность: 11:13:31
Формат: mp3, 128 КБ/с

Аннотация к аудиокниге "The Snow Globe"
A wonderful hand puppet book based on Raymond Briggs's classic, The Snowman. A little boy built a Snowman, and the Snowman came to life! Re-enact the magic of The Snowman with this brilliantly interactive hand puppet book - wave hello, cuddle and play with the Snowman as he is brought to life! Raymond Briggs is one of our most respected and beloved artists. Born in Wimbledon in 1934, he studied at the Slade School of Fine Art and went on to produce a treasure trove of work. He has created characters that are now icons for generations of children, including Fungus the Bogeyman, Father Christmas and, of course, the beloved Snowman. His original Mother Goose was published in 1966, it won the prestigious Kate Greenaway Award in 1967 and is now back in print over 40 years later. Скачать аудиокнигу бесплатно The Snow Globe Hannah Cather.

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