Аудиокнига Victoria Line, Central Line Maeve Binchy

Victoria Line, Central Line - Maeve Binchy
Автор: Бинчи Мейв
Издательство: Arrow Books, 2017 г.
  • Исполнитель: Красин Агей Ильясович
  • Главный художник: Гиншевский Ерофей Адамович
  • Размер архива: 324 MB
  • Длительность: 21:45:18
  • Качество: 128 КБ/с

Описание "Victoria Line, Central Line"
Millions of people travel on London's tube every day, yet we usually give our fellow passengers only a cursory glance. But each one of these nameless passengers has their own story to tell.
At Notting Hill, the mysterious secretary, harbouring her secrets, travels to work; at Highburyand Islington, Adam has a sudden change of heart; and at Holborn, a disastrous reunion is about to take place...
With her characteristic mix of compassionate humour and biting realism, this vintage collection of stories is Maeve Binchy at her very best. аудиокнигу слушать Victoria Line, Central Line Maeve Binchy.

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